Central Arunachal Pradesh Tour – Day 1,2 – Ziro And The Apatanis

The Northeast India Travel Blog

Day 1

Ferry ride in the Brahmaputra River

A week of unbearable summer heat had prompted me and Tushar to plan an escape into the nearby Himalayan ranges of Arunachal Pradesh. Bizarrely, it turned out to be a beautiful drizzly Sunday when we started our journey from Dibrugarh in Assam, driving towards Ziro in central Arunachal Pradesh. I’d heard much about the Ziro Valley and about its inhabiting indigenous tribes, and accordingly Ziro was the first destination we wanted to visit. But for anyone who wants to go to Ziro from Dibrugarh, at first there is the mighty presence of the Brahmaputra River, a 6 miles wide turbulent water body and undoubtedly one of the mightiest rivers of the world. We reached the river port early and loaded our car and ourselves into a ferry which was driven by a happy pot smoking guy who off course turned…

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